Indonesia International Smart City Expo & Forum (IISMEX) 2017

Juli 3, 2017

PT Praptadaya Makmur Abadi dan AMPD Energy akan berpartisipasi dalam International Smart City Expo & Forum (IISMEX) 2017, yang diselenggarakan di Jakarta Convention Center dari 12-14 Juli 2017. Kunjungi kami di stan Plenary Hall, stan PL-03 untuk sebuah Demonstrasi langsung AMPD Silo!

A Eureka moment for a greater purpose

Mei 9, 2017

Two young Hong-Kong based engineers tell us their story of devising a product that effectively tackles the power and energy crisis in countries lacking adequate power supply. Continue reading

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Ampd Energy offers cutting-edge energy storage for companies

Maret 10, 2017

Ng shares that the light-bulb moment for Ampd Energy was a blackout, during which he and Valente realised their motorcycle EV batteries could be scaled to power buildings. “From darkness came light, and compact, uninterrupted backup power supply for businesses and brands all over Asia, and beyond,” remarks Ng. Continue Reading

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The Hong Kong Startup That Wants To Power Asia With Clean Energy

Maret 3, 2017

Great Article from Jason Lim of Forbes Asia on Ampd Energy. Excerpt: One startup you could describe as one of Hong Kong’s most hardcore hardware startups is Ampd Energy. Not only are they dealing with hardware and software, they are working in one of the oldest and most challenging industries for a startup–energy. The two-year old startup…

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Ampd Energy hopes to make pollution-prone diesel generators obsolete

Januari 10, 2017

Under normal circumstances, I would have assumed the gleaming white, person-sized box standing next to me was some kind of high-end appliance. Things are rarely so straightforward at CES’s Eureka Park, though. It was actually what Hong Kong startup Ampd Energy calls a “silo.” Turns out, the thing on top of which I had casually rested my…

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Engadget Best of CES 2017, Best Startup – Finalist

Januari 5, 2017

Ampd Energy was shortlisted as one of 4 finalists in Engadgets best CES start-up. To put this into context, there were over 580 start-up companies in Eureka Park. Co-founder and CEO Brandon Ng had the following to say “It was truly an honour to shortlisted as Engadgets Best Startup. I took the time to explore…

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Start-up Ampd Energy hopes to oust noisy, dirty diesel backup generators

Januari 3, 2017

Hong Kong start-up Ampd Energy hopes to make diesel generators obsolete with its battery-powered energy storage system, especially in countries like Indonesia and India which often suffer power failures. The Ampd Silo, which runs on lithium-ion batteries and has a 17 kilowatt hour capacity, could provide four hours of uninterrupted power to a three-bedroom house…

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