Ampd Silo

The Most Advanced Energy Storage System



Two years of research and development went into creating the Ampd Silo. Its unique features lead the field and comprise one of the world’s most advanced and dependable energy storage solutions across home, commercial and industrial applications.


With less maintenance and fewer battery replacements, over its lifetime, the Ampd Silo will cost up to 40% less than VRLA alternatives


Extended Runtime

Designed to replace both lead-acid UPSs and diesel generators, the Silo’s 17kWh capacity gives it unrivalled runtime; 210 mins @ 4,000W


Safe and Reliable

Automotive grade batteries; 7 fail-safes; Aerospace
safety principles; Designed and tested to UL, CE, IEC and UN standards


Mission Critical

With a double conversion on-line UPS and a zero-millisecond transfer time, the Silo is designed to protect mission critical assets

Ready to find out more?

PT. Praptadaya Makmur Abadi is currently running pilot trials of the AMPD Silo.

Ampd Product Specification

  Ampd Silo 20 P1 Ampd Silo 20 P3 Ampd Silo 20 P3+
Energy Storage Capacity 16.8 kWh 16.8 kWh 16.8 kWh
Double conversion, true online, high frequency IGBT-based
Maximum Power Output 10 kVA / 9 kW 20 kVA / 16 kW 25 kVA / 20 kW
Phase 1 phase in, 1 phase out 3 phase in, 3 phase out 3 phase in, 3 phase out
Input Voltage 120 – 276 VAC 208 – 478 VAC 208 – 478 VAC
Input Voltage Frequency 46 – 64 Hz 40 – 70 Hz 40 – 70 Hz
Runtime 8,000W
100 minutes
Runtime 4,000W
210 minutes
Output Voltage 220 / 230 / 240 VAC ± 1%
380 / 400 / 415 VAC ± 1% (3Ph + N + PE)
Output Voltage Frequency
50 / 60 Hz ± 0.1 Hz
Wave Form
Pure sine wave
Transfer Time
(AC to Battery Mode)
0 ms
Operating Temperature Range
5 – 40°C
(H x W x D)
1599 x 600 x 494 mm
Net Weight 253 kg 268 kg 272 kg
Parallel Scaling Up to 3 Ampd Silos Up to 3 Ampd Silos Up to 4 Ampd Silos
External Connectivity N/A N/A SNMP,
Modbus (optional add-on)
Designed and tested to UL 9540, UL 1973, UL 1741, CE, IEC and UN standards

Ready to find out more?

PT. Praptadaya Makmur Abadi is currently running pilot trials of the AMPD Silo.

Warranty, Battery Replacement & Time Response

The Ampd Silo offers one of the most competitive factory warranties on the market. Owners will receive a 5 year or 2,000 cycle factory warranty, which can be extended for a further 5 years.

For companies in very high use mission critical environments, choose from two great programmes designed for you.

The battery replacement programme will offer you a complete new set of batteries with matching warranty at a discounted price.

The Time Response upgrade will give you extra security and personalized service by offering two upgraded customer service and repair programmes for businesses that run 24/7.



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